Neil Diamond - Stones - Uni 1971

Neil Diamond - Stones - front cover

front cover

Neil Diamond - Stones - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 2 stars

Nicely packaged but musically empty. "I am… I Said" is a memorable original thought the reprise of the song is a toss-away. "Stones" is a solid original, but the rest of the record is a bunch of boring covers. Songs by Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, and Tom Paxton represent mainstream music of the time, but unless you are a Neil Diamond collector you don't need this.

Note: There is a pattern here. Make a very good, very interesting record and then release a dud. There's nothing inherently wrong with doing covers but at least do something to make them your own. The arrangements are dull, as are the vocals and it all adds up to dreary uninspired product.
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