Compton and Batteau - Compton and Batteau in California - Columbia 1970

Compton and Batteau - front cover

front cover

Compton and Batteau - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 4 stars

John Parker Compton and Robin Batteau is all that's left of Appaloosa. Compton has delivered another set of relaxed and comfortable songs. Please don't mistake these for the flotsam played today on soft rock, or the equally inane adult contemporary formats. Compton's work ethic, [you need a strong one to craft great songs] is very much present here, and his muse very prominent.

This record and the Appaloosa album have a unique feel. They didn't get much airplay [probably for all the usual reasons], and this is particularly sad, since listening to them is like hearing from two old friends. Compton and all who recorded with him deserved so much better.

Note: collectors can checkout a 2006 reunion of Appaloosa on you-tube