Cindy Bullens Desire Wire - United Artists 1978

Cindy Bullens  Desire Wire - front cover

front cover

Cindy Bullens  Desire Wire - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 3 stars

Bullens has the heart and soul of a straight ahead no-nonsense female rocker. She writes good songs, sings well, and can open up on guitar, the few times she has a chance.

This album suffered for two reasons.
Number one, the producers made a mess of the entire proceedings. They were clueless about what to do with her, so rather than let her be herself they decided to get in there and really produce!
Number two, the record company managed to lock Bullens in the cellar, and forget she was there. "Desire Wire" should have been a hit!

Despite all this incompetence, it's not a bad debut, but it could have been much more.