Brinsley Schwarz - Brinsley Schwarz - Capitol 1978 - 2 record set

Brinsley Schwarz - front cover open

front cover - open

Brinsley Schwarz  - inside gatefold

inside gatefold


Music - 1 stars

This is a re-issue of the group's first 2LP,s which were released in 1970. It's become a collectors item in itself. Though the band took the name of founder and guitarist Brinsley Schwarz this is a group effort playing fresh, alluring, charming, organic,and at times mesmerizing music.

These albums were the springboard for Nick Lowe's songwriting. "Lady Constant", "Ballad of a has been beauty queen", "Country Girl", "Love Song”, and "Old Jarrow" are enduring thirty years later. Bob Andrewa adds the bright fluid "Piece of Home" and the group effort "Hymn To Me" is graceful and lovely. This release is packaged in a tasteful, picturesque gatefold cover. Some collectors will want to search out the the individual albums [Brinsley Schwarz] and [Despite it All] but for a rich,relaxed listen this is the better buy.

Note: We realize that finding a good condition vinyl copy of this double pocket LP will be difficult, as will tracking down the individual vinyl records. For collectors who just want to hear the music, "Brinsley Schwarz" and "Despite It All" have been released as a CD two-fer with the original covers pictured.{The CD can be purchased through}
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The history of rock is abundant with fascinating stories and the Brinsley Schwarz epic is one of the best. In fact it's very similar to that of the Moby Grape.
The Brinsley Schwarz management put the hype machine into overdrive and this is the way it went down.
The plan; fly a group of English rock critics to the U.S to hear the group's first American concert at the Fillmore East, Mechanical problems with the plane forced a four hour delay. until take off. However, an open bar was the perfect pastime to alleviate boredom. Meanwhile Brinsley Schwarz encountered visa problems and was also delayed getting to New York.
By the time the writers arrived at the Fillmore, most were drunk,asleep, hung over or sick.
By all accounts the Brinsley Schwarz concert was a bust. Back in the U.K the writers slagged the band's performance and their first album. Some of the reviews, though unfair, were particularly nasty and it appeared Brinsley Schwarz was done. The band was not about to quit. They rented a house, and quietly devoted themselves to writing new music.
Their second album aptly titled "Despite It All" was well received, and the first record received a favorable second look.
Brinsley Schwarz would continue making successful records well into the 1970's.
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