Blonde on Blonde - Contrasts - Janus 1969

Blonde on Blonde - front cover

front cover

Blonde on Blonde - inside gatefold

inside gatefold


Music - 5 stars

This Welch band has delivered an album that is exemplary of the progressive rock period. Songwriting is key to a great album and this group has certainly delivered the goods.

Side one starting with "Ride With Captain Max" and "Spinning Wheel" {Not the Blood Sweat and Tears song} is a masterful display of guitar rock and every song can stand on it's own merit.

Side two begins with the best cover version of "Eleanor Rigby" I've heard. The band experiments with some traditional folk styling and instrumentation, and concludes with the ballads "Don't Be Two Long" and "Jeanette Isabella" which flow together as one beautiful moving set.

Though many seasons have passed since it's original release I didn’t find "Contrasts" dated. In fact I found it timeless. Whether 1969 or 2008 this is a memorable rock record.

Note: Contrasts is in print at Amazon.Com. We found it as an import CD. Blonde on Blonde released two other albums: Rebirth [1970] and Reflections On a Life [1971] These are also in print. Rebirth and Reflections can be had as a two-for also as an import CD. [we didn’t locate any vinyl]. Don't confuse "our" "Blonde On Blonde" band with a later female group with the same name. There is NO connection. There is also an album entitled "Thar She Blows" by the group "On Golden Blonde" Again NO connection.

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Blonde On Blonde borrowed it's name from the title of Bob Dylan's 1966 Magnum Opus. The two artists have NO relationship though both played at the Isle Of Wight festival in 1970. "Our" Blonde On Blonde disbanded in 1972.
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