Beardfish - The Void - InsideOut Music (German import) 2012

Beardfish - The Void - front cover

front cover

Beardfish - The Void - rear cover

inside gate fold

Beardfish - The Void - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

The Swedish quartet Beardfish, on vinyl, has produced a majestic concept album with their latest, “The Void”. With a great vocals and musicianship the album moves from metal to soft acoustic passages with complex arrangements . Their music on this album could be called progressive rock but with a dark metal edge. The songs have depth and subtle nuances.

The complex story line of the lyrics seems to tell of a journey either into the future or deep into the mind of the singer, or perhaps both. The concept of “The Void” repeats through the tale as in looking into it or entering it. This is an album that you need to listen to in its entirety like some of the great prog albums of the 70's.

The album has a bouns track which is a haunting acoustic piano version of one of the songs and comes with a CD containing the entire album.

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Great Progressive rock is not a dead musical form trapped in the amber of the 1970's. Although it does not get any radio play or attention in the mainstream media it can be found in great variety on the web.