Artful Dodger - Rave On - Ariola 1980

Artful Dodger - Rave On - front cover

front cover

Artful Dodger - Rave On - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

It's Artful Dodger's final album, and what a record it is.
Music was fragmenting into designations such as Punk, Power Pop, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, etc..
We think Artful Dodger defies categories.

Gary Cox is absent, and the band has added keyboard whiz Peter Bonta. Billy Paliselli and Gary Herrewig have turned in another grand set of songs, and the keyboard work helps AD take their music into another dimension.

There's not a throwaway on the album. Rave On is another classy stylish Artful Dodger record. The songs are consummate craftsmanship. "So Afraid", "Get in Line", "A Girl {La La La }" jump right into the listeners head, while "Gone Again" is a nice country rock song with a pretty keyboard interlude.

I've never decided whether the transcendent ballad "Forever" is about the band or not.
What I have concluded, is that "Forever" IS about never giving up, never giving in or sacrificing your dreams or beliefs no matter how hard life gets or what anyone tells you. Those who don't relate to this stunning song must have lead very sheltered lives.
To Artful Dodger, we at Vinyl History offer many thanks for the rock music we think is both legendary and timeless.

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Notice to collectors DON'T Mistake Artful Dodger with the U.K. garage/house band THE Artful Dodger.
Was Artful Dodger ahead of it's time, or was it a lack of promotion by the record company.
As collectors, and avid listeners we have observed another phenomenon. Call it bad Karma or something else inscrutable, but all too often, great music goes without an audience, and some of the most facile nonsense is offered up as the sound of the times.