Al Kooper - I Stand Alone - Columbia 1969

Artful Dodger - Babes on Broadway - front cover

front cover

Artful Dodger - Babes on Broadway - rear cover

inside gate fold

Artful Dodger - Babes on Broadway - rear cover

rear cover


Music - 5 stars

Al is one of the brightest and most creative people in rock. By the time this album was released in early 1969 his accomplishments were notable.

Remember at the time collages were very popular and they are used freely here. Kooper is an idea man. and it shows as all kinds of sound effects weave through the music, and this album brims with entrancing music Kooper is a solid vocalist and a surprisingly adept songwriter.If you liked the lead vocalist on the very first Blood Sweat and Tears album it is Al Kooper.

For those put off by the specter of another 1960’s experimental album be comforted Vinyl History endorses this record highly.

Now lets look at covers. Kooper scores with interpretations as diverse as Nilsson’s "One", Traffic's "Coloured Rain" Gamble and Huff's "Hey Western Union Man" and a mind blowing romp through Bill Monroe's "Blue Moon of Kentucky" that's as good as any cover of this tune I've heard.

The liner notes will remind you of some other 60's albums but here they're just plain fun. This is packaged in an eye catching gatefold of you-know who standing in for the Statue Of Liberty. All in all Al Kooper’s first record is as much fun as a basket of Kittens.