Jobriath - Jobriath - Elektra 1973
Jobriath - Jobriath in Creatures of the Street a Romantic Comedy - Elektra 1974

JOBRIATH Cover open

JOBRIATH cover open

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JOBRIATH inside gatefold open

Creatures of the Street cover

Creatures of the Street cover

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Creatures of the Street rear cover



Music - 4 sta

Creatures of the Street

Music - 4 stars

Jobriath Boone came on the scene in 1973 with probably the greatest amount of hype ever accorded a rock star. Full page adds and a massive billboard in times square announced the first album. He was gone from the music scene in 1975 and dead from AIDS in 1983

The immediate comparison here was to David Bowie however, Bowie's concepts were rock oriented and Jobriath's were closer to opera or musical theater. Unfortunately he came along a little too soon for a flamboyant gay performer to be accepted by mainstream audiences.

The first album "Jobriath" opens with "Take Me I'm Yours" a mid tempo number that has echoes of Bowie but with a rather risque theme that was too much for the producers of Jobriath's appearance on the Midnight Special program. "Rock of Ages" and "I'maman" are rockers but the real strength of this album is the ballads "Be Still","Space Clown","Movie Queen","Inside" and "Blown Away". Here the accompianiment is simple, mainly Jobriath's piano and his vocal range is best displayed.

Creatures of the Street has a totally different sound, sort of like an original cast album from a Broadway show with a chours of singers, orchestra arrangements and big production. This is an album that needs to be listened to in its entirety but some tracks stand out like the strange and beautiful ballad "Ecubyan" and "Sister Sue" has an almost Rollings Stones with Nicky Hopkins feel to it. "Gone Tomorrow" brings the album to high point and is a fine power ballad.

Jobriath may require several listens to get into. The music is complex and dense but the guy had talent and many gay musicians consider hin a real pioneer. These albums have been released on CD and a documentary is being made about his life.